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"Gentle Ben" Grizzly Bear

"Gentle Ben" Grizzly Bear

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Approximate Size:   7'6"L
If this item is not in stock, approximately 4 weeks may be required for fabrication.

As all our animals are handmade, sizes and weights are approximate measurements. Additionally, stock images are used in most cases, which may not reflect the precise coloring or facial expression of the animal you receive. Many items are made-to-order, and so we request that you ask any questions prior to ordering. Please note: our animals are meant to be for collectors or display pieces unless otherwise noted.

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From Wikipedia: The grizzly bear is any North American subspecies of the brown bear, including the mainland grizzly, the Kodiak bear, the peninsular grizzly, and the recently extinct California grizzly and Mexican grizzly bear. Specialists sometimes call the grizzly the North American brown bear because the grizzly and the brown bear are one species on two continents. It should not be confused with the black grizzly or Ussuri brown bear which is another giant brown bear subspecies inhabiting Russia, Northern China, and Korea. In some places, the grizzly is nicknamed the silvertip bear for the silvery, grizzled sheen in its fur.

Since the mainland grizzly is so widespread, it is representative and archetypal for the whole subspecific group. Even so, classification is being revised along genetic lines. Except for females with cubs, grizzlies are normally solitary, active animals, but in coastal areas, grizzlies gather around streams, lakes, rivers, and ponds during the salmon spawn. Every other year, females produce one to four young (usually two) which are small and weigh only about 1 lb. A sow is protective of her offspring and will attack if she thinks she or her cubs are threatened.

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