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World's Largest Source for Luxury Handmade Animals FEATURED IN...
We bring you the world’s most luxurious handmade animals.  Not just great personal gifts, these beautiful pieces make great mascots, corporate gifts and display pieces for homes, offices, theatre, commercial and movie props.Collectors young and old agree these are keepsakes for a lifetime!
Luxury All our animals are hand-made from the finest animal artisans in the world. They are life-like, some lifesize and all realistic with careful attention to detail. They make an impressive gift, whether corporate or personal, but also make a statement as a corporate mascot or display at your company’s headquarters. Our animals are used for staging homes for sale, creating themed weddings, conventions and events where these furry friends add a real ‘wow factor’. Our life-like plush, resin, fiberglass, bronze animals have also been used in museums, as well as theatrical props in movies, commercials and on live stage productions all over the world.
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